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Legends of IleMuria
Book One: The DeMon’s Return

An Absolute Masterpiece

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Legends of IleMuria

A TaMil Fantasy Trilogy

When I was young, my father told me of a mythical continent lost at sea. A home of our earliest ancestors who lived in a utopian society. 

Legends of Ilemuria explores this world, paying tribute to the legends that have been passed down for centuries. We hope to keep the story growing.

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LegeNds of IleMuria Series

Book One: The Demon's Return

The Legends of Ilemuria series is a gripping coming of age tale of Veeran, a young man descended from demons, entering a world from the oldest of legends. 

Based on ancient Tamil lore, the series is the first in South Asian representation in the fantasy genre, with real references to ancient legends.


Image by Duncan Sanchez

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