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About Ilemuria


The portals to the land of Ilemuria open up every few years once the magic has been balanced. Leaders of the different clans find new members before every return, offering a chance to realize their birthright. 

A shock to many, that first step through the portal to a land of magic and ancient knowledge is one creatures never forget. Especially once they see their true selves. 

The unicorns are one of the earliest clans to enter Ilemuria, being recruited thousands of years ago by the dragons themselves. The have had a seat on the Council of Elders for over 50 years having had legendary leaders like Samara and now Roshna at their head. 

Based out of the village Marutam, the unicorn village is the most famous source of agriculture for the land. Peaceful vegetarian creatures, they do not partake in the consumption of other animals and provide the whole land with farmed nourishment.


The centaurs are considered the most powerful clan behind the dragons and their leader Karnan has ensured they would always remain that way. Loyal and steadfast to the land, they provide the perfect mix of bravery, battle and wisdom. They have not lost their seat on the Council of Elders in over 100 years.

Based in the multi-creature city of Kurunji, the centaurs are the caretakers of the Noble Library, the biggest source of knowledge in Ilemuria. Karnan makes it a requirement for all members of his clan to understand the land's magic and be battle trained.

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